Photography lovers try out the various features. Sony DSLT camera’s ‘Partial Colour Effect ’ has been used to click this shot.

A young photography lover eager to learn the basics of DSLT photography.

Highlighting one subject in a sea of clutter is quite a task. I’m glad I got it right, well almost!

The setting sun made for a perfect composition. What do you think?

Capturing little things that don’t generally catch the eye, can create an interesting imagery.

Captured this picture during Diwali this year. These interesting patterns in the sky are hard to miss and click!

Food is as appetizing to click as it to eat. Food photography is absolute fun and stomach churning!

The crowd is gathered for the auspicious Arti at the banks of the river Ganga. The lord is praised in all its glory as the crowd sings along while the holy bells ring and the voices resonate.

The paraphernalia needed for all the auspicious ceremonies to begin is collected and placed together while people gather around and wait.


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