Sometimes 2 minutes pause of life give the memory for lifetime.

Rajan Vasu Pre-Wedding

Ashish Priyanka Pre-wedding

Ashish Priyanka Pre-wedding

Taken in Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand. These bells a from a temple located at 10,000 ft in atitude

Taken in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand. These are temporary settlements of the Himalayan shepherds which use it during summer time and remains unused for more than 6 months in winter

prospective Photography.

early morning near about 4 o'clock 'a fisherman' set a net for fishing in satluj river.

there is a Giant Wheel Ride in chhapar village (punjab) with moon.
it's a Famous fair Punjab.

The image was taken while undergoing my Basic Mountaineering Course from NIM. The pic taken is of the Base Camp at 12,300 ft in Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand. There was a severe snowstorm for 4 days which covered everything under it and I came across this tree trunk buried under snow.


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