Tried getting the depth of field. Good attempt I guess. They look pretty!

My first calendar shot. My absolute favourite. Sony I love you!My first calendar shot. My absolute favourite. Sony I love you!

Bunch of happy flowers staring right into my lens. Refreshing, memorable scenery!

Yellow delight. I love this flower, it’s my favourite! My next postcard.

She sat like an angle. Prefect beauty with vibrant coloured, loved clicking her with my lens.

Identical pretty birds staring in two different directions was interesting and caught my attention. One twig, different outlooks!

The lush green grass and this beauty walking on it as if it were a ramp made me click it. I was happy to capture this shot though I know it could have been better in many ways. Also, it was my first attempt at using the background defocus effect.

Looking Forward. I was amazed to see these two birds sitting on one twig and looking in the same direction as if one was talking to them! I used the powerful zoom and focus on the Sony camera to capture this.

Two’s company. This pair looked like a parent-child duo to me because of their sizes and similar colors. Looking at them I felt like asking “Is there anybody you are looking for?”

This beautiful bird with its bright colourful wings seems to be posing for my camera. It sat with so much poise that I had to get myself to focus on it and capture every detail.


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