Man cleaning his utensils used for worship on the bank of river Yamuna, Delhi. Due to heavy fog early morning the things were nearly invisible...The flying Birds with their tweets was like a super natural energy that was creating a nice musical feel in the environment. I found this moment very much spiritually connected too...I always feel positive when around such natural surroundings full of positive vibes..

It was a brilliant foggy winters morning at Humayun's tomb premises...The top of this monument was almost invisible due to heavy fog...When I was looking for some subjects, I saw these beautiful flowers on the ground fallen from its tree...I got my canvas with other subsidiary subjects, and started waiting for the live moment to happen within my canvas...Suddenly I saw this man coming from left with its cleaning kit, I got my story...

Monsoon has its own magic and capturing some beautiful moments under such beautiful symmetry is always a dream...Sometimes a close observation on the subject/s, proper positioning of self and patience for the right moment returns some good result like a poetry. I got this beautiful timeless moment when this tall girl in white dress was running for shelter in a rainy day at Humayun's tomb premises...

making sugar

before rain...shot from karnataka


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