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Lonely Boat
I am a lonely boat, floating in the sea of solitude, the sea is vast,yet my hope is like infant, crying in the deep of night, desiring the dream island where i could find my true friends and enjoy the delight of mutual encouragement.Hope i could find other little boats that dream about the same island as i dream, and start the journey of this seeking.i am waiting for you... Though this is not shot at sea, but I am referring with the thought of loneliness, this one is the black & White version of my previous post of Loneliness in colors...'s picture

How can I improve it

5 years ago
chandrakanth.kamath's picture

Dear Manas, There is a lot of romanticism in your shot, an artistic message and interpretation about life which is really mesmerizing. You can try this shot in color also as the blue sky will add to the meaning of life which you are depicting with your picture. The colors have their own language where each hue narrates an epic. For the technical part you can increase the shutter speed to 1/100 so that there is no fear of shakes and blurry objects. Try taking low angle shots where the boat is slightly far from you and your camera.

5 years ago
prashant_dusane's picture

nice one

4 years ago
Debangshu Chatterjee's picture
Debangshu Chatterjee


4 years ago
ajourney_kdzworld's picture

The story you failed to put into words captured through your lens

1 year ago
Captured with SLT-A57 & DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM • Exposure 1/30 • ISO 100 • Aperture f/9.0
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