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Photography is a medium that I naturally gravitated towards soon after I completed my College Education and in a very short span of time it became my only passion. Deciding to become a Photographer was perhaps one of the most important decisions I took in my formative years and deciding to follow my passion has been very satisfying to me.

Although I have not studied Photography in a formal academic sense, I gained knowledge by reading books, experimenting and later through years of experience - In other words, I am a self made Photographer.

I believe in a systematic approach to the Art of capturing images which then become memories for posteriority. No matter which type of assignment I undertake, may they be Industrial, Corporate to personal assignments such as Portraiture or Wedding Photography, I make sure I have understood the brief as defined by the client and then deliver results beyond their expectations.

In order to achieve this, a lot of planning and detailing is carried out prior to arriving at the location. In addition, I use the process of pre-visualizing the final image and capture based in this noting that certain enhancements will be achieved in post-production.

My studio consists of myself as the lead Photographer and 2 Assistant Photographer in addition to Assistants who are responsible for Lighting on location or in a studio. During the post-production phase, the Studio maintains 2 Assistants who work based on my directions. We work as one unit to make certain we complete the assignment fully and on time. These are some of our hall marks we adhere to.

In addition, I conduct Workshops that range from basics to advance topics, both in Photography and Videography. As the Team SONY Responsibilities I have to fulfill, one of them being conducting Seminars teaching photographers in urban and rural environments.

I am most satisfied when I see and feel the excitement that the clients shares at the time of capture and most importantly when the final results are delivered. I look forward to many years of working and contributing to the field of Photography.

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