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There is such intense beauty in diversity.

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There is such intense beauty in diversity.

Kartiki Gonsalves’s work has two foci. One is environment, nature and wildlife, where she seeks to raise awareness about marvelous diversity of nature and wildlife and the importance of conservation. The other is cultures, communities and their connections. She is photographer, director and filmmaker currently based out of Mumbai. An avid traveller & explorer, her work primarily revolves around nature, cultures, communities, animals, and the environment and how they are all intertwined. Primarily focusing on stories, photos and videos to raise awareness about conservation of biodiversity.

She is currently working on a two long term projects: a project on wild cats that inhabit the mountainous higher altitudes of the western ghats and another documenting the life of an orphaned baby elephant in the foothills of Southern India. She just finished an assignment in a remote village in central India, photographing and documenting the lives, stories and art of local traditional artists of the Adivasi and the Biel communities. She is presently traveling and working on a photo feature and footage documenting the life in the cold high deserts of the Indo-Chinese border in the Greater Himalayas.

She continues to document our natural world to better understand the profound connection that we share with it. She wants to bring awareness to the challenges we face, but also focus on solutions with her projects and show success stories where conservation is working. She uses the media of photography and film to connect people to the natural world. Her work has been published in various national and international photography, travel and wildlife magazines, books. She has also filmed several advertisements, documentaries and a reality series.

She travels extensively searching for photos, stories and videos to raise awareness about cultures, communities, animals, and the environment. Capturing unique aspects of different cultures around the world is something that she loves. Though she also seeks capture the oneness of mankind.

Her primary focus is on the photograph and filming of wildlife and diverse cultures. She seeks to make a direct impact on the environmental and cultural issues that define our times.

She grew up in the beautiful mountains in south India in a small hill station called Ooty. Growing up right next door to three national reserves, one of the most diverse biodiversity hotspots in the world, her love for animals and natural biodiversity, people and above all photography is what brought her to do what she loves doing the most. She has traveled extensively to numerous places around the world including remote Scotland, South Africa, Nepal, parts of Europe, Canada, England, Namibia, and numerous places in the United States and India.

She works with natural light which requires a lot of patience and research, but when you learn how to use it the right way it adds that extra “magic” as she calls it and enhances the images in the most beautiful way. She photographs nature in an artistic way, focusing on details, light, textures, colours and moods, and using creative camera techniques to best capture the beauty of a scene. The beauty of nature, emotion and natural light are a great source of inspiration to her. She strives to evoke emotion in the viewer rather than just capturing the Image.

Working with animals, one of the biggest challenges is reminding yourself that your subject is wild. They have teeth and claws and are very dangerous if surprised. It requires a patience and tolerance to gain their trust and respect and to gain insights into their world.but is extremely rewarding. It requires patience, a lot of patience and tolerance but is extremely rewarding. The process is long and tedious, with the moment last only a few minutes. These moments are quite rare, making for great photography, which is all part of being in the right place at the right time. According to her “A huge part of my area of photography is doing research on my subject and getting it to accept my presence, after that its easy and the images just flow seamlessly. That is the beauty of it. I want my images to make a difference and have the power to change peoples’ opinions on subjects.

Being a woman photographer in India, a country which has a conservative culture has surprised her many times. In most cases many doors have opened due to the fact that she is a woman. In these cases the direct connection, especially with women and children is genuine. Other times there is a struggle to cross the glass ceiling in this patriarchal society.

After all her traveling, the people she has met, her experiences along the way, she strongly believes that there are no borders. As she says “We all live under the same sun and sleep under the same moon and walk on the same soil.” and all are part of the same gigantic intricate web of life. It is very clear that all living things around us are connected whether we understand it or not. Does it matter what you’re wearing, what you look like, where you come from and what you do or how much money one has? No, it does not. The connections, happiness, laughter, love, pain, struggle and loss are all universal. She says "There is such intense beauty in diversity" and after a lot of thought, traveling to remote places and meeting people from all walks of life, she has come to the conclusion that it is empathy that connects us all together. There is a oneness and that she seeks to portray in her work as a photographer and filmmaker. She conveys a sense of her experiences and emotions, drawing the viewer much deeper into her work. Her ultimate goal is to create a lifetime body of beautiful work that has deep meaning and that carries a message of hope for preserving what we do have which will make a difference for the generations to come.

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