Call Of The Wild


Rahul ...

Expert Speak

Leopard captured head-on looking straight into the lens with an aggressive mood makes it truly wild, despite it is considered to be a Shy Wild Cat. Low vantage camera angle creating shallow depth-of-filed and making the animal stand out from the lush green forest background beautifully.

Call Of The Wild

Closed Theme

The world never lacks the wonder of it’s amazement when explored in it’s true and wildest state. The wilderness has always been of the offering for us to be thrilled and awestruck by what it contains. Share your explorations for the theme 'Call of the wild' by sending in your photographs clicked with Alpha Cameras. You just might go on to win an Alpha lens for the same!

Rules – Please enter images of Wild Animals (No Birds Please). Pictures taken in Wildlife Sanctuaries are eligible. Any picture taken of animals in Zoo or in captivity will not be acceptable for the contest.

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Recommended Lens for Shooting “Call Of The Wild”

135mm F2.8 [T4.5] STF