FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM

shot during my visit to udaipur during sunset

A reflection of a fisherman by the lake during one of my many travels to Himachal Pradesh

A cloudy moment in Chilika Lake, Odisha.

Sun set in Chilika lake, Odisha was very beautiful and I could capture it in my Sony Camera.

Mohit Khanna 5

Mohit Khanna 4

A fleeting moment of quiet, tranquil and bliss by the emerald waters of the Andamans.

shot on sony a7iii

March Theme

As the countdown to Earth Hour 2019 begins ‒ and the whole world switches off from power-on to power-off mode ‒ it’s time for us photographers to join the sustainability movement!

#Connect2Earth this month by experimenting with nature photography, and promoting sustainable initiatives through your photo compositions. Bring to view the rainforests or the greenery in your city life; feature the wild or ethical travelling; portray the beauty of biodiversity through food, or explore the human behaviour towards nature.


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