FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM

we were crossing one village during one of our treks and saw a few kinds playing. And this girl was so excited when she saw my camera, so I asked her if I can click a picture of her and shot this picture.

so I have tried a few light-paintings before but this one is my favorite. shot with the a7iii with 24-70 gm len .


The peace and tranquility in life can be felt in these places away from the city. One can sleep under these heavenly lit up skies, not knowing the difference between reality and dream.

Marseille played a huge role in the development of the Suez Canal, and a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to understand how during the L’épopée du Canal de Suez (Epic of the Suez Canal) exhibition at the Museum of History. I was pleasantly surprised to find that connections between Marseille and Bombay existed from a century ago. As soon as the East India Company monopoly ended in 1769, Marseille sent wine, brandy, olive oil and coral to India (along with Mauritius and the Réunion Island), and their ships returned loaded with coffee, wood, spices, cotton and silks.

The Beauty around the Beauty

Festival and music..

Catch her live Tonight.

The Messenger of Love.

Awaiting to Get you smoked up


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