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    Photograph by: Biswajit Patra
    Image Title: Moment of Madness or Moment of Ecstasy
    Settings: ILCE-7RM2 & ----

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  • Image name - Moment of Madness or Moment of Ecstasy, Image description - Certainly the most challenging and dangerous trek I have ever done. Numb toes and fingers, Hazy vision, struggling to catch my breath. These were some of the challenges I had faced. The magnificent River of ice which originates from the peak was entirely frozen. Without metal spikes on your boots it was very dangerous to cross this frozen river. Falling and slipping was inevitable. Luckily I wasn't hurt. I had my Wonderful Ladakhi guide with me who made sure that I stayed safe during this trek., Camera used - ----, Lens used - ILCE-7RM2 1

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  • Image name - Breakfast At -25°C, Image description - It was 9:45am. After trekking for 5 hours, we came to the point where the sunlight was not blocked by any mountain. Stanzin took out the breakfast we packed from his relative's village at Stok. What do we have for the breakfast? FROZEN bread omelette toast!!!
It was a battle between my mind and my mouth. My mind was trying to tell me that I need food for energy and sustenance - my mouth, after having the first bite of that frozen toast, was finding excuses to throw it away. Any other day, I would have devoured the bread omelette with relish but this was something else all together. The struggle was real. But I ate it anyway, followed by a cup(a tumbler in my case) of Green Tea. In my mind, I punched the air in celebration.

P.S: My camera went to a short comma after this shot.
Shot on Sony A7R2, Camera used - ----, Lens used - ILCE-7RM2 1

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