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    Photograph by: Mouktik Saha
    Image Title: Just being best friends
    Settings: & SEL55210

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  • Image name - Just being best friends, Image description - Fell Instantly in love when I spotted these two little buddies helping each other out in everything they do., Camera used - SEL55210, Lens used - ILCE-6300 1

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  • Image name - NIght Beyond Dreams, Image description - Moonlit Shot at 11pm, 31st Dec 2017
Two of us with our tents were on our 4 days' plan to cover Maharashtra Coast Line. We stayed here in a virgin and made by us campsite over a cliff. Everything was there for us from nature almighty as gift. Wave breakings, full moonlight to enjoy the scenery all night. We Explored the mountain in moonlight. We expected nothing as new year celebration and that's why we came here...and to our surprise at midnight we saw some fireworks light up the sky just from opposite side of the cliff. It was a beyond magical moment., Camera used - SELP1650, Lens used - ILCE-6300 1

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