Registration Offers

Model Name(s) Free Gift
ILCE-9 ILCE-7RM3 ILCE-7M3 ILCE-7M3K Screen protector PCK-LG1
worth Rs. 2,590/-

Every month 5 lucky users will get HVL-F20 Flash worth RS. 11,490/- as a free gift for registering their product.
ILCE-3000 ILCE-6000 ILCE-6300 ILCE-6500 ILCE-5000 ILCE-7M2 ILCE-7M2K ILCE-5100 ILCE-3500 Screen protector PCK-LS30W
worth Rs. 490/-
DSC-RX100 DSC-RX100M2 DSC-RX100M3 DSC-RX100M4 DSC-RX100M5 DSC-RX10 DSC-RX10M2 DSC-RX10M3 DSC-RX10M4 ILCE-7R ILCE-7RM2 ILCE-7S ILCE-7SM2 ILCA-99M2 Screen protector PCK-LS30
worth Rs. 490/-
SLT-A57 SLT-A57K SLT-A58K SLT-A58 SLT-A58M SLT-A58Y ILCA-68 ILCA-68M SLT-A68 ILCA-68K Screen protector PCK-LM11
worth Rs. 490/-
ILCA-77M2 SLT-A99V Battery NP-FM500
worth Rs. 4,490/-
ILCE-7 ILCE-7K Battery Charger BC-TRW
worth Rs. 3,590/-
*Once you have registered, we will dispatch your gift and you shall receive the same within 2 weeks from the date of registration.